Folding Bike Stand SMI2078

  • Folding Bike Stand SMI2078

    Produced In House
1. Strong folding stand for off-road motorbikes.
2. Load capacity maximum of 250 kg (=551.15 Lb) including rider.
3. The structure consisting of 6 plastic sections, joined by the two upper plates, provides the motorbike with excellent stability and offers a comfortable grip handle when the stand is closed, installation free.
4. Made of environment-friendly material, which is aging and corrosion resisted.
5. There is a non-slip and scratch-resistant surface on the top.
6. Integrated customisable number plate and graphite template available
7. Stand takes up very little space when folded flat. Great for when transporting
8. OEM customized logo/color/design is welcome.
9. Weight 3900 g

Height when closed: 610 mm;
Height when open: 425 mm;
Width when closed: 50 mm;
Top surface: 300x320 mm;
Base: 420x450 mm

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