Foldable Bike Repair Stand Stock Stand SMI3046

  • Foldable Bike Repair Stand Stock Stand SMI3046

    Fixed Cooperation Factory

1. Light, Strong & Portable: The repair stand is made of full light alloy aluminum with strong clamps. The compact and foldable design makes it convenient to carry and store.

2. 36Swivel Clamp: Smart designed clamp can be rotated freely and make the access to the bike easier.

3. Anti-rolling Handlebar Rod: The adjustable flop stop makes your bike stay still throughout the repair process.

4. Foldable magnetic tool plate included.

5. Free height adjustment, easy assembly, quick release design.

6. Steel version(Cheaper) also available.

Packing Size:102x19.5x18.5cm;

N.W.: 5.8KG

Adjustable height from 98~156CM

Max load capacity:30KG

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