Bluetooth Controlled Tyre Warmer TW-BT1

  • Bluetooth Controlled Tyre Warmer TW-BT1

    Because of its elegance, enthusiasm and endless pursuit of spirit, we also name it Flamingo (Tyre Warmer)

1. A tyre warmer that can be connected and controlled through smartphone Bluetooth;
2. The uniquely designed built-in custom chip can achieve remote and precise temperature control, timed heating, and power outage at any time;
3. Simultaneously equipped with temperature control in three gears: high(95℃), medium(80℃), and low(60℃), allowing for free shifting of gears; Independent control of front and rear wheel heating.
4. Real time temperature display on your phone;
4. The App can be freely downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store, and enterprise logos can be customized;
5. Support DIY temperature control box.
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