Sumomoto Buyer's Guide
Once quotation is confirmed, the buyer will receive an Email copy of Proforma Invoice from our office showing all necessary information to finish the transaction.
The buyer should sign the proforma invoice to admit the prices, terms and conditions with Sumomoto. Once Proforma Invoice is signed by the buyer, the buyer should wire down payment as per the proforma within 48 hours.
Once PIs are signed, the buyer should not cancel the order as we may start the production according to signed PI before the down payment arrives. Any buyer who fails to follow up the order should inform us that the order is cancelled to stop our loss. We can not afford to spend much time with disloyal buyers.
The earlier you pay the balance, the more prior you will be on our schedule of delivery; Most delays are caused by late payment; We some times put small orders together to get higher efficiency and to lower the unit cost, in this case the order will be delayed.
WE DON'T SHIP GOODS TO THE PORT BEFORE WE RECEIVE 100% PAYMENT; The down payment will be confiscated if the customer fails to pay balance within 30 days since goods are ready to ship;
The buyer should provide shipping information 1 week before the production is finished;

Sumomoto will take care of all documents for our customers; we can issue telex release documents or original copy of Bill of Lading to our customers upon your request. In the case that you request original copies, you will be charged for the courier and happenings.

Please read ROBIN'S BLOG

Bank Information
Beneficiary Name: SUMOMOTO INC
Beneficiary Add.:Wei 2 Road, Beigan Development Zone, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, 311202, P.R.C.
Bank Name & Add.:Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. (Formerly Shenzhen Development Bank Co., Ltd.)
2F, Sunry Plaza, No.36 Qingchun Rd., Hangzhou, 310003, P.R.C.
USD Account No.: OSA15000092066831
Swift Code: SZDBCNBS

Container Sharing Policy
Generyally we do not share container with any other factories, the reason is that we have encountered serious problem with Customs. We were charged as smuggling forbidden goods and our company can not afford to bear any more risk. If you do need to share:
1. The counterpart factory must provide a warranty note in written, that they will be responsible for the goods safety, packaging, inspection, tax policy, Customs declaration etc, and we will charge deposit in advance to assure no risk will occur; This cash is open to change depending on the value of the goods, normally it is no less than 10,000rmb.
2. An official entrustment from the buyer via fax;
3. Customs declaration paperwork 1 set;
4. Deposit 10,000rmb ($1500) should be wired into our account in advance, and it will be returned after the goods leave the port.
The goods will not be loaded into container until the above terms are performed.