Our old factory area has become G20 summit conference venue, and now it has become Asian Olympic Games arena.

We have relocated to 53km away from old factory and it is 3 times as big as old factory.

This video shows partially the new machines and new technology.

Labor is getting too epxensive and hard to get, that is why we start to pursue automatic, CNC and robot.

Below is a motorcycle world quest since 2016.  Since 2003, Robin has been on bike for over 100,000km.

11000 kilometers R1200GS adventure in Tibet. The toughest route to the most sacred highland in the world The Journey into Thin Air covered 11,000km(1/4 of earth surface),5700m altitude(1000 meters higher than highest mountain Chamonix Mont-Blanc in Europe). The 4000km ride in Tibet was done alone. The G317 route was known as the toughest route to Tibet, it kills numerous trucks and travelers every year. I set off from Hangzhou on April 14th when we set off from Hangzhou to Xi’an, one of the most famous history cities in the world, where First Emperor of China and his Terracotta Army is located. Then I spent a few days on the way to Chengdu to join my company Jin. Our official Thin Air journey started on 20th of April, from City of Wenchuan, where the 100,000 victim earthquake took place in 2008. Our plan was that we take the 2400km G317 together. This route was so hard and dangerous in this season that no one dares to do it alone. And we planned to part when we reach Lasa, so I go to uninhabited area for deeper expedition, and Jin joins his wife in Lasa. After 100km freeway we were virtually in Tibetan controlled area. And the altitude started to increase from 500meters to 3500meters; Most people will feel uncomfortable, symptoms like headaque, short breath, sleep disorder, vomit, memory loss and lung inflammation etc appeared; Walking became a hard job. The first night became nightmare for Jin, he had to keep taking pills and use medical help. 2 girls helped to carry his luggage into this 4th floor room. Every next day is a bigger challenge, our journey could stop anytime. We could fall off muddy snow cliff, have mechanical failure, get wounded or have medical problems. A cold could become lung edema within hours and there is no medical service within 100KM range. We can only choose to trust BMW R1200GS Adv, both the bike, and myself, don’t have spare. The 300kg bike became great burden when we ride climbing the muddy snow mountain. The rear wheel slips all the time. The cliff leans outward so it is extremely difficult for motorcycle to keep steady on slippery cliff.The first mountain took us 2.5 hours to get through. To assure the tyres to last 11,000km, I choosed the “factory road tyre” instead of “offroad tyres”, because a offroad tyre will last 3000km only and there is no shop in the middle of the jouney to change tyres. I had to finish 11,000km one-shot. “When you fall from the cliff, it is not a traffic accident, it will be called an aircrash.” Sometime I had to accommodate myself in Tibetian home, there is no power, no hot water, no washroom, no cell phone signal, no regular style food and tens of wild dogs out of house barking all night. • I:\tibet\2016_04\IMG_1716.JPG • • The most difficult part of the trip is that I was stuck in sand in humanless area for 1 hour. I had to pull the 300kg bike out alone in 5000m thin air; • Part 2 Most rewarding scenery The Mt.Everest and other 4 highest mounts in the world over 8800 meters; Secret of Tibetian Buddhism Numerous breath-taking lakes Lost Kindom of Guge, a similar place as Machu picchu, disappeared prosperous kingdom 400 years ago. Ali No-Man’s land. World highest road and cities • Part 3 People and culture Buddhism pilgrim, one of the most impressive things is that we met numerous pilgrim people. A family travels for 7 months to a holy place named Jokhang Temple for religious worship. They fully lay their body to the ground and perform a full rite every 2 meters. By repeating 1,000,000 times, they arrive at Budala Palace and Jokhang Temple, where the world unique Sakyamuni self-made statue is placed. Tibetian brothers usually share 1 wife. They do not know which child is whose. That keeps them a tight family in most severe invironment. Thieves Even 100% tibetians are in trust of Buddhism, they steal things more often than other people. We stopped at a villige named Cuona to buy some engine oil, one of those guys stole our Samsung S6 just within 1 minute when Jin walked into the shop. We were told by police men, they will go to temple for confess the next day, and then they feel relieved. My mascot bear from BMW was stolen by some Tibetian students after they failed to get from me as a gift. Tourists celestial burial (by which bodies are exposed to birds of prey) Tibetians still feed their dead relatives to vulture. It was very hard to watch through the whole process of funeral. I took video for whole process but never have the gut to watch it again. The body of dead people are cut into small pieces, the monk through them into air, and vultures come to pick in air. After a few minutes, they vulture rush into the high altar. The monk smash the head skull of the body, 2 of the vultures just picked a part of intestine and chased each other in front of me, the smell of the body made some of the visitors vomit.