Motorcycle Single Side Stand SMI2061-T

  • Motorcycle Single Side Stand SMI2061-T

1. T shape racing single side stand, both left and right sides are available.
2. Safe and simple jacking up the rear for doing repair and maintenance work.
3. Compact, innovative design and high stability.
4. Solid roles and leverage needed for easy lifting and secure footing.
5. We have optional 10 pins as following to cover almost all single swing arm bikes in the world.
Pin A, 27.4mm, Triumph, KTM.
Pin B, 53.0 (was .6))mm, BMW
Pin D, 40.7mm, 1098/MV
Pin E, 30.5mm, BMW F800
Pin F, 42.5mm, MV
Pin G, 31mm, Honda
Pin H, 25.8mm/21.7mm Ducati
Pin I, 28.4mm, Honda

Pin J, 52mm

Pin K, 38.5mm Ducati

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