Steel Motorcycle Wheel Roller Stand SMIWB3004

  • Steel Motorcycle Wheel Roller Stand SMIWB3004

1. Steel wheel roller for most all motorcycles; Two types available: 38mm diameter and 32mm diameter.
2. Ideal aid for chain and wheel maintenance. Simply push the back wheel of your motorcycle onto the wheel roller, place the stand support under the sidestand and secure the brake lever with the strap;
3. Easily rotate the rear wheel with one hand, leaving the other hand free to clean the chain, for instance.
4. A rubber base to prevent it from slipping on the garage or workshop floor.
5. Max. load: approx. 200kgs.
6. Dimensions (L x W): approx. 33cm x 22cm
7. G.W.:4.3KG; N.W.:3.3KG
8. Color:Red,Black,Orange,Blue,etc.
9. Package:Carton box, 1pc/carton
10. Carton Size:35x23x7cm
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