Folded Stainless Steel Loading Ramp ST-RAMP-5

  • Folded Stainless Steel Loading Ramp ST-RAMP-5

    Produced In House

    Product Size: 191cm*22cm

    Folded Packaging Size:105*24.5*12.5cm
1. Folded loading ramp made by special stainless steel material, with a shiny metallic luster appearance;
2. No need for galvanizing process, rust proof, long-term corrosion resistance;
3. Adopt whole plate bending technology, the unique square design makes the entire product look tougher and stronger;
4. The additional 5 reinforced ribs enable to easily bear a load of 500lbs;
5. Made of steel, but the weight is miraculously controlled at about 6kg, even better than aluminum;
6. The top and bottom ends are strictly anti-slip and will not easily slide and damage the vehicle body during loading/unloading;
7. Original stainless steel color or other customized colors are available;
8. Small packaging sizes are very friendly for warehouse storage and shipping, especially for distributors and dealers.

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