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  • Wheelie Cage/Wheelie Trainer

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1.Protected the bikes to a certain extent, but did nothing to stop the rider falling, or the bike falling on him. 2.The beauty of the type of Wheelie Trainer shown here, is the bike is firmly held upright and cannot go over backwards as the tail of the bike will just rest on the trainer deck. 3.It cannot fall sideways either as it is supported by the outrigger wheels. 4.The rider will also remain off the ground as all he has to do is hold onto the handlebars and his back will just rest on the rear deck of the trainer. 5.The angle the bike can lean back can be adjusted by using blocks of different heights on the center deck. 6.As you can see this makes for a very safe, easy way to learn. Also can be used by riders who can wheelie and want to develop new stunts, e.g. seat standers etc.7. CTN size: 120*70*40cm, G.W. : 47 kgs.

8. MOQ:10PCS

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