Solution for 2020
Release date:2020-04-04

We are sorry, the Covid-19 has brought the world a bad gift. Our government refused to apologize, but we understand that the virus first came from Wuhan unless other solid evidence comes up.

Fortunately,In history, virus has never beaten human being.

What you are experiencing today, is what we experienced 2 months ago.

Today China is in normal situation and the rest of world is still  in pandemic.

So let me tell you what will be like next in your country, your city and your community.

We expect the pandemic to end or in complete control within 4 months,say August of 2020. Because we see new medicine and vaccine showing up every day.

Factories will fall down without orders. So we decide to keep producing during the epidemic.

People will perform retaliatory spending.They spend on internet purchase more. So some of our direct selling customers, as long as the express does not stop, they will still have customers to place orders.Reseller customers will be slower, but as soon as the disease dissipates, people will rush into the stores.

You do not want to regret for an empty warehouse when people ask for products. Please consult our sales people for a genuis solution for you.