A Dirtbike Carrier
Release date:2018-06-26

The prospective of our new design for the car hitch dirtbike carrier is to bring your dirtbike everywhere with your existing small cars;

All people involved in the development of this carrier are dirtbike players;

In China, it normally travels 60-200 kilometers( 40-130 miles) to reach destination for a real good trail ride mountain.

So let's compare the pros and cons between a trailer and a carrier ( The most convenient is to use a truck but we discuss scenario without a truck)


1. Cheaper and smaller for storage;

2. Faster to operate;


1. Will block number plate, be careful to use;

2. Will block turn signals;

3. The load on rear suspension will exceed 300 lbs in certain situation;

The new Sumomoto 787 carrier focused on the following features:

1. Compact design for easy shipping and storage;

2. Light weighted - safe for car suspension and easier operation;

3. Specified wheel slots for safer and easier use; Decrease length of the whole bike;

4.  Look into the detailed designs and you will throw away your old carriers;