Helmet HUD

  • Helmet HUD

    HUD&Map navigation; HIFI music; Voice control; Wireless intercom; Bluetooth; GPS records; IP65 waterproof


An effective high-tech tool that greatly improves safe riding.

1.Helmet HUD-  Available to see internal display as well as outside reality through special design with super convenient and safe.

2.Rich functions-  With hands-free call,listen music,get GPS direction and super clear voice,multi-person call via bluetooth earphones.

3.Bluetooth handle remote-  Fully controlled by your fingers and makes you easier and more safety to contact with a person/team without interruption.

4.Easy connection-  Max. 15 person to speak to each other within widely 5km, supported by special noise reduction algorithm and super clear voice.

5.Smart voice control-  Relax your hands and improve security, it is funny to take HD photos,videos and driving records.

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