V3 bestlap lap timer --Manual
Release date:2018-10-26

The system is composed of the transmitter and the timer (signal receiver); one transmitter can work with all lap timers that is at the same frequency(940nm). Two of AA back up batteries is suggested for the transmitter.

The Lap Timer (Receiver):

: The LCD shows one lap backward;

: The LCD shows one lap forward;

: Summary; Slowest lap time, fastest lap time, Total time and average lap time;

:A two-second press will clear the memory and turn on the signal receiver,so the

timer will start to count when it passes the signal wall; A short press will stop the timer

from counting, and LCD turns to last record;

The transmitter:

The transmitter has laser pointer and the signal transmitter to build the “Signal wall”;

It is powered by 2 x AA batteries; Lasting 2 hours continuously;

It is proposed to turn off the transmitter during idle to save power;


Batteries need to be replaced after 2 hours of use to avoid weak signals;

Take the batteries out of the box during long idle;

Before you use;

1. Turn on the power. The switch should be at the On position; The LCD will show the total lap time of last session;

If the record has been cleared, the signal receiver will start to work; And LCD will show:

2. Press for more than 2 seconds, the memory will be cleared, and signal receiver will be turned on; The LCD will show:

3. Before you start the bike, please make sure that the signal receiver is in working status ;

4. When the LCD shows that the signal receiver is on, the \\ will be inactive;

5.  When the bike passes the infrared signal for the first time, the lap will turn 1, and the timer starts to count;

6.  The last lap record will be shown for 10 seconds on the LCD; and then the real time record will be displayed;

7.  To stop time counting, press the button; The signal receiver will be turned off, and the total time will be displayed on the LCD;

After you use:

9.  When the signal receiver is off, is inactive, unless press it by 2 seconds to clear the memory and start the next counting;

10. When the device is idle for 20 minutes(no signal, no button touch) the system will go to sleep status to save power;

O The time tolerance of this device is 0.0035 seconds for each lap; (CPU Accuracy)

O This device is designed for track day and trainers; It has all basic function that is required for track day.

O Product size: 60mm x 40mm x 12mm

O Max Lap time and Max total time: 99 minutes 59 seconds;

O Max lap to record: 64 laps;

O When there is continuous signal, only the first signal will be counted;

O The signal receiver is built in the timer, make sure the receiver is exposed to the “signal wall” created by the transmitter;

O When you are not able to expose the signal receiver to the “signal wall”, try to turn the “wall” to different angles;